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Red StarShayla We adopted Shayla from her previous owner the day before she was to be dropped off at the pound.  At 13 months of age, she had only been potty trained.  We had her fixed, changed her name and began training her right away because we had so many bad behaviors to break.  At the suggestion of a local breeder, we began agility training at USAgility to create a bond between us, and to boost her self-confidence.  Sandy and Bruce were so patient with both of us.  As Shayla gained confidence and agility skills, we were able to move into more competitive classes and we entered our first trial after less than a year of training.  Shayla swept through her Novice NADAC/ASCA titles so fast, moving quickly to Elite with a streak of first and second place ribbons.  We recently completed our last Open title and are competing at the NADAC Elite level, working on our NATCH.
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Blue Star Mindy She ran with speed & accuracy to earn 12 Q's & 12 12 runs!!  In short...she cleaned house!!...she carried over to agility what made her breed famous in the field (speed & endurance) combined with the tools we learned from SANDY CROOK to come out on top!  Mindy earned 4 titles at this trial...She is only 19 months old & has been trialing for 2 months!...people wanted to know where we trained!...a local trainer commented that my handling style & abilities were above what you normally see for our level... the judge said that we performed better than he normally sees at our level.  We believe it's the master type courses Sandy trains everyone to do in her classes, her experience, and her ability to catch the small things that make a difference between winning & losing that helped us to confidently handle the difficult courses we faced at this trial!  If you're interested in agility we recommend Sandy Crook at USAgility.  No matter what kind of dog you have or your goals, she can help you reach them.
Thank you, Sandy!
— Jonathan & Linda Centers & Mindy, NAC, TN-N, OGC, OJC (Cocker Spaniel)
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Red Star ...Agility has helped her become more focused and our bond is greater than ever.  Due to agility she listens to me at the dog park...and at home. ... I want to thank Sandy for her help and her patience with Bella, because Bella is a handful!
— Carla & Bella (Corgi)

Stella Blue Star ...With slow and patient progress, and lots of encouragement from Sandy, Stella has become not only a dog, but an agility dog.  She's happy, confident and secure, and has become truly bonded to Tom and me.  And we are so proud of her!  In addition to the excitement and satisfaction of doing well as a team of two, agility training has given Stella and me an opportunity to get to know some wonderful people and to make some great canine friends.  Thanks to Sandy and to all of our training buddies who help keep us on course!  Thanks again!
— Tina Yapelli and Stella, NAC, NGC (All American)
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Red Star We started at USAgility in January 1999.  I must admit that it was through Sandy Crook and her training that Nala and I have achieved such great success.  Sandy's weekly courses are challenging.  Sandy also instills a "you can do it" attitude!  Our most recent accomplishment was winning the NADAC Nationals 2002 in Mankato, Minnesota!
— Dan Roy with Nala, MX, MXJ, ADCH, NATCH, ATCH (Aussie)
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Blue Star True Blue came to me with a few "issues"...With Sandy's help and patience we have come a very long way. ...I want to thank Sandy for all her patience and understanding!  She is very good at what she does and without her we would have never come this far!
— Peggy Jencks and Blue (Border Collie)

Red Star ...Turbo, in 4 runs, had 4 Q's and finished three titles!!!!  I am very pleased with him. well we worked as a team consistent we were in all our runs.  This is something I have not been able to achieve since Turbo and I began competing over 2 years ago.  I wanted to thank you for all your help and for bringing Turbo and I together as a working team!...
Everyone couldn't believe the difference in Gunner from previous trials!  You've helped us so much to get through all of our "hang ups!"
— Cindy Dahlberg, Turbo & Gunner (Aussies)

Blue Star Pepper is a shelter rescue Australian Shepherd. ...We are having a GREAT time!!  Pepper is a quick study and works beautifully...We are a work in progress.  I credit Sandy Crook for ANY AND ALL skill advances we make each week in class and the confidence we gain at each trial!  Thanks, Sandy!
— Monica and Pepper (Aussie)

Red Star Scooby Doo, my Great Dane, and I began Agility training with Sandy in July and we could hardly spell "agility" much less do it. ...Agility is so much fun and Sandy and her patient husband, Bruce, deserve all the credit!  They are GREAT!...
— Joan Keif & Scooby (Great Dane)

Blue Star ...We took private lessons to learn the basics in agility and to get the individual attention it takes to succeed...We were able to go right into the advanced classes and fit right in...I feel the program Sandy offers is excellent and that taking the private lessons gave me a good background in this sport.
— Bobby Jo Cook and Hanna (Border Collie)

Brio Blue Star For the past three classes she has been running the courses faster and faster, and enjoying herself more and more.  Last night there was absolutely nothing she didn't do with energy and joy.  Of course I hope she will carry this attitude into competition!  Meanwhile, I want to give thanks where they are due...Most teachers would have advised me to try another breed...but with time and she seems to love the sport for itself!
— Patricia Terry & Brio (Saluki)

Blue Star Rosie Rosie was becoming aggressive with other dogs.  Agility class has made her much more sociable and friendlytoward other dogs.  She is also happier and healthier and is really building muscle.  We couldn't be happier.
— Donna and Rosie (Vizsla)

Rita Red Star Rita has many insecurities.  Agility is a sport she enjoys and knows she is successful at.  She performs in Agility because she loves to, not just because I want her to.  You can see her grinning as she goes around the course.
— Lois and Rita (Keeshound)


Blue Star Sandy is a great teacher.  Duffy had some problems making friends with people and other dogs.  We started taking agility classes with Sandy and now he's confident and friendly.  After a few months of training, Duffy and I are now a team.  We entered our first agility trial and we won 4th place!  We were all very proud of him and we had a great time, too.
— Maryann Milcetic and Duffy (Bichon)

Red Star Harry is a dog with energy and drive.  What we needed was focus and something to do together.  Agility has done more than that for us — we are now a team.
— Joella and Harry (German Shorthair Pointer)

Blue Star Maggie used to be shy around other people and dogs.  Since beginning Agility training she approaches everyone as a friend instead of an enemy.
— Brian and Maggie (Shetland Sheepdog)

Red Star Agility has made such a difference in our confidence level!  Amie is so excited when I put on my agility shoes on Monday night.  She is now a very confident Bearded Collie who loves her classes.
— Sherrie and Amie (Bearded Collie)

Blue Star Having trained dogs only for the ordinary requirements of life in a household, I have been amazed at how much it means to them to have something specific to do in the world.  It was a revelation when my dog first glanced at me in the middle of a course, clearly asking, "What's next?" and then joyfully dashed off in the indicated direction.  Even more wonderful has been the way our whole relationship has changed.  The resulting harmony expresses itself as mutual affection in all the rest of life.
— Pat and Kala (Tibetan Terrier)

Red Star Bonnie, my Border Collie. and I have been training with Sandy for over two years now.  We've had many "hurdles" to overcome and Sandy's patience and strong guidance has helped us every step of the way.  As other Border Collie handler's know, trying to keep up with a fast dog and improve accuracy can be quite a challenge...Agility has given both of us the confidence to compete in front of a group and to not give up on our goals.  Thank you Sandy for having the faith and believing in us!
— Kathy and Bonnie (Border Collie)

Blue Star Sandy's classes are great!  Sandy's awareness, observations and instruction in good handling techniques have made it possible for me and my dogs to achieve some great results in our first few shows!  My only previoUSAgility experience in handling an old, slow dog did not prepare me to handle young, fast ones!  Every class challenges our ability to work together as a competitive team.  My dogs LOVE going to class and "playing" agility!  It's increased their focus, concentration and control in all areas!
— Kathy, Tribble & Pilot (Aussies)