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Mindy's Story

A Star is Born



Linda's Lady Snow White Mindy, aka Mindy (Cocker Spaniel), just came from a NADAC trial in Madera, CA where she competed in her 4th agility trial.  She ran with speed & accuracy to earn 12 Q's & 12 1sts in 12 runs!!  In short she cleaned house!!  It was no small trial either.  It had 3 rings & 4 judges who challenged us with the hardest courses we have seen to date.  Mindy was the only Cocker Spaniel in her height class, & despite the courses being twisty & trappy, & being in a field of 7 to 10 other dogs in each run dominated by Jack Russell Terriers & Pembroke Welsh Corgis, she carried over to agility what made her breed famous in the field (speed & endurance) combined with the tools we learned from SANDY CROOK to come out on top!

Mindy earned 4 titles at this trial (NAC, TN-N, OGC, OJC) & has earned 6 titles so far.  She is only 19 months old & has been trialing for 2 months!  At our recent trial, many people wanted to know where we trained!  A local Madera trainer approached us at the end of the trial on Sunday & said she was watching us the entire weekend because she had a few students running with us & she commented that my handling style & abilities were above what you normally see for our level.  One of the judges commented that competitors are coming into agility better prepared nowadays because it's highly competitive, but we still performed better than he normally sees at our level.

We believe it's the master type courses Sandy trains everyone to do in her classes, her experience, and her ability to catch the small things that make a difference between winning & losing that helped us to confidently handle the difficult courses we faced at this trial!  If you're interested in agility we recommend Sandy Crook at USAgility.  No matter what kind of dog you have or your goals, she can help you reach them.

Thank you, Sandy!
Jonathan & Linda Centers & Mindy, NAC, TN-N, OGC, OJC