Brandy Bostons

Breeders of Awesome Performance Boston Terriers

CH MACH Kennedy-Brandy's Geronimo

"Geronimo" - (Boston Terrier) - Fully Health Tested!!!
O.F.A.Certified Good #BTR-71G25M-P1, Back Very Good (no hemivertebrae), Eyes Certified
BAER (hearing) tested and patellae tested (good knees)
Owned, Shown, and Trained by Sandy Crook

Geronimo's Video Page

At the SWRCSD AKC Trial at HVOC December 31 & January 1, 2011 Geronimo Double-Q'd Friday and Saturday with a 3rd and 4th Placement achieving his New Year' Day MACH!

Watch Geronimo's JWW Q on the way to His MACH

Watch Geronimo's MACH Run

Watch Geronimo's Victory Lap!!!

Geronimo's December 12, 2011 Standard Run

Easter 2010 Q's were had at the Agility Club of San Diego AKC Trial featuring Geronimo's Double Q with two 2d Placements XB Std. ((25 and 19 MACH pts.).

Watch Geronimo in XJumpers Rohr Park Easter 4-4-10 Double Q

At the San Diego Rhodesian Ridgeback Club, March 27 and 28, 2010 Geronimo Double Qd with a lst Place (28 MACH points) in Excellent B Standard on Saturday and Qd in 3rd Place in Excellent B J/W 12"

Watch Geronimo in XStd. Hidden Valley 3-27-10 lst Place Double Q MACH pts. 28
Watch Geronimo's XJumpers Run at Hidden Valley 3-28-10