Brandy Bostons

Breeders of Awesome Performance Boston Terriers

CH BO-K Lillie Lee, ROM

October 21, 1986 - August 5, 2001

Lillie Lee




Lillie Lee, you were the matriarch of our kennel.  You were named after the famous dark-eyed, scarlet woman of the West seen mounted on her race horse in a black velvet dress and magnificent sable plumed and white lace veiled hat.  Sounds like a Boston!)  Defying the odds, you managed to win the West owner-handled, BOB and majors, with natural ears!  Our little calf-faced puppy turned into a beautiful, elegant and proud Boston - a class act.


You gave so much love, licking our noses only to tweak them.  Our surprised reaction only encouraged more of the same!

Lillie Lee - Young at Heart Lillie Lee - BOS



Young at heart till the very end, we were always surprised with your frolicking, rolling gallop least expected from someone of your stature.  The swing and sway of your strong and powerful rear end prompted the nickname of "Tush Lee!"  No longer able to play on the agility equipment, you bounced around the agility yard enjoying life.  You were always so confident, strong and brave and a loving mother to all of us.

You left us with great dignity as you laid with your head between those beautiful strong, round paws to close your eyes to rest.

Lillie Lee



We have peace knowing we will be together again and you are well and playing with your soul mate Billy and son Crockett and others who have gone before you.  You live on through those around us, especially in your surviving great-granddaughter and namesake Brandy's Diamond Lil who has a zest for life and noses!

Thank you, Lillie.  We love you so very, very much.