Brandy Bostons

Breeders of Awesome Performance Boston Terriers

CH BO-K'S Billy The Kid

October 11, 1986 - November 3, 1997


Billy The Kid - Leader of the Pack


Just as parents know their children, so we know our three Boston Terriers.  From the most dominant member to the equally important subordinate members, our pack sorts itself out in rank according to personalities.  They display their individuality daily.

Such was the case with our bashful, one-and-a-half-year-old female, Toy.  During a routine outing through the pet door, she was confronted by a large black, shiny and billowy intruder.  Stopping dead in her tracks, Toy sounded an alarm calling for team help.  She stood her ground, defending her turf with a continual battle cry.

Out the door at a dead run and barking furiously came her playmate and security guard, Annie.  She proceeded to pounce with all fours on the intruder whom she wrestled to the ground.  At last, it was under control-but now what?

Crashing out the pet door next came Billy, the oldest at 8 years of age.  Confident in gait as if in the show ring again, he headed straight to Annie who was obviously on top of the problem.

Without hesitation, Bill, pack leader and trouble shooter extraordinaire, gave a sigh of relief as he lifted his leg on the victim.  As the girls watched in amazement, he gave them a glance as if to say, "Silly girls.  It's only a trash bag!"

Billy the Kid

Loved you at first sight and forever my soul mate - my Gentleman!  We affectionately danced many times to our song, "Wedding Bell Blues" as I asked, "Will you marry me Bill?".

You are proof that it is not a coincidence that "Dog" spelled backwards is "God"!

I held you and gave you back to God, knowing you were on loan and that we will be together again with Jesus, forever in perfection with voice, as it was in the beginning before sin.
Praise God!