Brandy Bostons

Breeders of Awesome Performance Boston Terriers

CH MACH Kennedy-Brandy's Geronimo

"Geronimo" - (Boston Terrier) - Fully Health Tested!!!
O.F.A.Certified Good #BTR-71G25M-P1, Back Very Good (no hemivertebrae), Eyes Certified
BAER (hearing) tested and patellae tested (good knees)
Owned, Shown, and Trained by Sandy Crook

Geronimo's Accomplishments

Geronimo's retirement trial was July 31 at the Aztec Doberman Pincher Club of San Diego AKC Trial at Liberty Station.
To honor him, his daughter Hattie Double Q'd and
his son Duncan in South Carolina finished at 14 months of age his Championship (Best of Winners twice)!

A Double Q was earned by Geronimo at the San Diego Rhodesian Ridgeback Club AKC trial on May 22, 2011.

At the SWRCSD AKC Trial at HVOC December 31 & January 1, 2011 Geronimo Double-Q'd Friday and Saturday
with a 3rd and 4th Placement achieving his New Year' Day MACH!
Geronimo MACH
MACH Shot with the Judge
Grabbing a kiss, like it or not!
Not Taking A Chance on Marking and Losing This MACH During Our Victory Lap!

At the UDAC November 20-21, 2010 NADAC trial
NADAC Dog Walk

At the Thanksgiving Southwestern Rottweiler Club of San Diego trial, Geronimo earned his 18th Double Q

At the Aztec Doberman Pincher Club trial on October 2, 2010, Geronimo earned his 17th Double Q

At the German Shepherd Dog Club trial on September 26, 2010, Geronimo earned his 16th Double Q

At the Palomar Agility Club NADAC trial at Liberty Station, August 28 & 29, 2010

Geronimo at the ACSD AKC trial, July 10, 2010
Geronimo AKC Gernomino

At the recent NADAC trials Geronimo had 1st-3rd Place Q's titling in Elite Agility Certificate (EAC), Elite Tunnelers (TN-E), Touch N Go Open (TG-O) and Weavers Open (WV-O)
Geronimo A-frame
Geronimo at the Start Line Geronimo and Sandy
Geronimo Geronimo
Geromino Chances Geronimo Contacts

On Saturday, 12/5/09, at the GRCSD AKC Trial at HVOC, Geronimo Double Q'd! On Sunday, a knocked Standard bar kept him from a Double-Double.

On Sunday, July 26, 2009, at a hot/humid AKC Aztec Doberman Pinscher Club of San Diego trial, Geronimo (Stud Muffin) Double Q'd on very challenging courses earning 9 MACH points XBJ/W and 9 MACH 9 points (4th Place) XBStd.  Geronimo was the only dog to accomplish this by layering the table near the end of the walk for a line out right over jumps to the left end of a curved tunnel!

At the UDAC NADAC trial May 30 and 31, 2009, at Skydance Ranch, Oceanside, CA, Geronimo had lst through 4ths and three titles, WV-N, TG-N and TN-O.
Geronimo Leaving the Weaves
Geronimo Leaving the Weaves - NADAC Trial
Air Geronomino
Geronimo in the Air Leaving the Tunnel

Highlight at the Dog Agility Club of Ventura Agility Trial on Sunday, April 13, 2008: Out of a total of 32 dogs running in the Excellent FAST classes, Geronimo was one of only three Q's and got a lst Place in the 12" division.
Geronimo's Start Line

On Saturday, 3/8/08, at the Keeshond Club of Southern California AKC Trial, Geronimo attained his Master Excellent FAST title (MXF)
with a 2d-Place Q in Excellent B FAST 12" and got a lst-Place Q on Sunday!

Highlights of the Rainy/Muddy Outdoor AKC Silver Bay Kennel Club Trial on February 23 and 24, 2008 in Del Mar: and Hattie are proven "mudders";
Sunday Geronimo walked away with a lst and 2nd Place Double Q.

Our very best "Q" at the Arizona Wags for Wishes AKC Trial, was with Geronimo aka Stud Muffin.  It was the last day, last class of a 3-day trial, Sunday, January 20, 2008!  Something to be said about endurance.  With testosterone raging and illusions of grandeur with Lucy in season, Geronimo got a lst Place Q in a very fast and challenging Excellent B FAST class.  He was one of a handful of qualifiers and the only qualifier in all lower height divisions.  So I forgave him for blowing a Double Q during an extremely difficult Standard course where he lost his mind running out to a chute (something with a skirt on)!

Geronimo turned heads at the West Coast Cocker Spaniel Club at Industry Hills Expo Center 1/5/2008 by being one of very few qualifiers all classes for Excellent B FAST!  Geronimo came in 2nd in the 12" class, beaten only by his daughter Hattie!

On Saturday, October 27, 2007, while recovering from the effects of the Witch Fire Geronimo won the Excellent B 12" FAST class.   On Sunday he came in 2nd Place.

On June 3, 2007, at the Pasadena KC AKC Trial at Brookside Park, Pasadena, CA, Geronimo attained his XF title with a 2nd Place Q.

First to earn OF & XF - On April 27, 2007, at the Border Terrier Club of America AKC Trial at Mt. Antonio College, Walnut, CA, Geronimo attained his OF title with a 3rd Place Q.

At the Golden Retriever Club of Greater Los Angeles' three-day Labor Day AKC Trial in over 105-degree temperatures, Geronimo Q'd all three days to attain his MX title.


Geronimo Jumping Geronimo
Geronimo - Arizona Geronimo - Weaves
Geronimo - Jump Geronimo - Jump

Geronimo @ 8 Months Geronimo Head Shot - 8 Months Geronimo A-Frame

Geronimo - Scottsdale - BOW Geronimo - Tire Jump Geronimo - Scottsdale Champ

Geronimo - First Agility Trial Geronimo - May 10
Geronimo Geronimo - Dog Walk Geronimo