Brandy Bostons

Breeders of Awesome Performance Boston Terriers

CH Brandy's Doc Holliday

August 27, 1991 - November 16, 2004

Doc, a Godsend: "God" spelled backwards.

Gunslinger Doc You gave me a purpose beyond surviving and overcoming a life-threatening disease.  It was your need, love and devotion that led us to great accomplishments.  We gave each other a reason to persevere.  You took me places I would never have gone without you.  Such a loyal companion with a heart and desire to please me--I was your world and you were mine.  It was a win/win situation.  You were your namesake, Doc Holliday: small and talented with a lot of heart for winning the West.

I'm forever indebted to Frank Guemple and Sally Hooker for you, my coddled and co-dependent little male (3lb. 3oz. at 8 weeks).  It was love at first sight.  I flew to Indiana to bring you home under my seat at 9 weeks.  We even pottied together on the plane, you on papers at my feet.  We were a team!  Since your nickname had been "Pip," my endearing transitional nickname for you was "Poo Poo."

We had such fun dressing you up like "Doc Holliday" with Bowler hat and guns for ads and winning lst Place in a Halloween contest.  You were the cover of our '93 Christmas card riding a rocking horse, '94 card (head study) holding a Christmas ornament and '95 Chrismas card as a flyball dog carrying the ball to the finish line.

You finished your conformation Championship May 15, 1994, with multiple Best of Breeds.  Your classic head was awesome--identical to the stationery logo of the Boston Terrier Club of New Zealand.  Our agenda was obvious when you stressed with friends trying to walk you and you turned into "Chicken Little/sky is falling" in the conformation ring.  So, we started training agility!

You excelled in agility and known as "Rocket Man"!  Your action photos were used by Southern California Dog Magazine and Agility Club of San Diego.  You won a plaque for High Scoring AKC Champion 8-12" Division at the Agility Club of San Diego AKC Trial 10/1/95.  In 1995, we had fun rehearsing Elton John's "Rocket Man" for a radio contest for his concert tickets.  I played the guitar and you lifted your head and bayed during the chorus.  At the Missile Park agility trial that weekend, you confused my down signal on the table with the chorus signal and lifted your head and bayed.  After our run, we had to perform our rendition of "Rocket Man" for everyone.  This became our lifelong, special duet (your song).

Also, in 1995, we were approached by a flyball team captain to try out the sport.  To our amazement you were a natural.  I was told no other dog had been as quick to learn the sport.  I'll always remember your carrying the ball to the finish line and beating out a BC and your earning a flyball title in spite of my broken ankle that morning.

Doc Jumping In 1996, Herb Williams of The International Super Dogs from Ontario, Canada, heard of you and we joined their National Performance Team.  We performed to loud music in front of thousands of people at America's Family Pet Show at the Fairplex Complex of the Los Angeles County Fairgrounds in Pomona: The Iams Wonderful World of Dogs featuring The International Superdogs!

In May, 1996, you earned a Level Three Award at a seminar by Peter Lewis and John Gilbert from England for an unbelievable, unmatched performance in distance work.  Because of you, I received a kiss from Peter!  You were miraculous that humid, hot day!

Doc - Fly BallIn 1997, you were jumping 18" as a Starters/Novice dog and Qualified at a Grand Prix for the USDAA World Championships.  Traveling again, you enthusiastically jumped into the Sherpa Bag and we flew to Cleveland, Ohio, to compete.

You ranked in the top ten in agility and flyball throughout your remarkable career: #1 Boston Terrier in flyball in North America and first Boston Terrier to achieve Flyball Dog Championship and first Boston Terrier to achieve your Flyball Master title in 1997.

You are in The Official Book of the Boston Terrier by Muriel P. Lee and in Hollywood Walk of Fame by Samantha Hart (lying on the Rin-Tin-Tin star with caption "Paying his respects to Rin-Tin-Tin is Doc Holliday.")

Because of you, Doc, my beloved and unforgettable companion, I am who I am and do what I do today!

Thank you.