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Retirement Announcement
from Oscar Jarvis and Kali Hynal

Kali Oscar
As of August 10, 2006, it is with great sadness that Barbara, Oscar (left) and Kali (right) have retired from the work, fun, learning and enjoyment of agility.  We want to thank Sandy very much for all she has taught us in the three years we have been doing canine activities.  While Sandy's teaching has been for agility, this training has entered all the other canine activities that Oscar and Kali have experienced.

The agility training taught us the bases of teamwork that is needed in any activity, such as obedience, carting, weight pulling, herding, therapy training and service training.  Our involvement in agility was for fun and to stay active.  When ribbons were earned, that was a feather, and we earned many feathers thanks to Sandy.  Sandy taught us much in the weekly classes and was always available during the "walk-through" at trial events to give insight into ways to run the course.

I will always remember Oscar and Kali's 11th birthday: Sandy gave Oscar a small turkey roll because he is a "Turkey" and Kali got a lamb roll because she is a "wolf in lamb's clothing."

Sandy, Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all your caring and lessons.