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Augie's Story
A C-ATCh and a NATCH

Augie - CATCh
TVAC offered four Standard runs at their early December 2011 CPE trial, and Augie needed 3 qualifying runs of the 4 it look good, but we managed to complete the remaining 3 Standard runs perfectly!  Augie earns his C-ATCH on December 4, 2011 under one of our favorite CPE judges - Dorris Wiglesworth.  Now we're on a roll!

Augie - NATCH
On January 14, 2012 in Phoenix Arizona at the Jumping Chollas NADAC Trial, Augie qualified in both Chances runs on Saturday, earning his NATCH on the first one.  Since April of 2011, when Augie earned his first Elite Chances Q, he was a super star!  Well done NATCH Augie!!!