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Student News & Brags - 2005

Blue Star From Bruce & Sandy:

Sparky's First Q Tommy
Bruce trialed Sparky (PWD) for the first time at the Southwestern Rottweiler Club of San Diego AKC Trial at Rohr Park (11/25-27, 2005) and won two 3rd- Place Qualifiers in 20" Novice Standard and a 1st-Place Qualifier in 20" Novice B Jumpers w/Weaves.
Bruce's Tommy (Boston) matched that with a 1st-Place Qualifier in 12" Open Standard and 1st-Place Qualifier in 12" Open Jumpers/w/Weaves.

Red Star From Joan:

Scooby and I got our first Q in AKC standard last weekend in El Paso, Texas.  Now we have a leg in Obedience, Rally, JWW and Standard.
Thanks again to Sandy and Bruce of the fundamentals and ongoing support in our Agility efforts.

Blue Star From Joan:

Hey, Sandy and Bruce,
Al, Scooby and I are now in our new home in Las Cruces, NM.  I want you two to be the first to know.  Scooby Doo got his first Q in AKC jumpers and a 4th place.  Needless to say Al and I are thrilled.  We went to the Great Dane Nationals this past fall in Chandler, AZ and got a first place in Novice Obedience and a 4th in Novice Rally.
All the hard work you put in with Scooby is finally paying off.  Thanks to you both.
Joan Keif

Red Star From Jennifer:

Theo Training with Sandy has given both of my dogs more self confidence.  We recently added "Theo" Foxpointe's Ramblin Man to our family in March of 2005.  He had no agility training and had much to learn about city dog life and families.  Theo gained skills and confidence quickly through privates and then small group classes with Sandy.  I think he will be ready for Novice competition in the Spring.  Besides Agility, working at USAgility has given me and my dogs a close circle of both people and dog friends.

Blue Star From Staci:

We competed at the NADAC trial on 10/8 and 10/9.  Turbo received his title in Novice Tunnelers.  Weavers - 1st and 2nd, Q in both Standard - 1st place in both classes.
I also took Turbo up to the AKC Pembroke Welsh Corgi trial up in Claremont on 10/21.  We didn't place, but had a lot of fun!!  It was a great show!!

Red Star From Bruce & Sandy:

At the SCAT AKC Trial in Costa Mesa, l0/15 and 16, 2005, Geronimo brought home two Qualifiers with 1st and 2nd Placements plus a Title in 12" Open Standard.  He now is running Excellent!  His daughter Hattie aka "Hottie" matched that by winning (1st Place Qualifier) the 12" Excellent A Jumpers w/Weaves, astonishing many with her outstanding speed and performance.

Blue Star From Bruce & Sandy:

At the Golden State Rottweiler Club AKC All Breed Agility Trial September 24 and 25, 2005, Janie Double Q'd and Tommy Titled with a 1st-Place Qualifier in 12" Novice B Standard with Bruce.  Geronimo Qualified with a 2nd Place in 12" Excellent A Jumpers w/Weaves and Hattie Titled with a 2nd Place Qualifier in 12" Novice B Standard with Sandy.  A family affair: godmother, father and daughters (the sister act)!

Red Star From Diana Walker:

Dottie Pebbles
Golden Retriever Club Labor Day Weekend
Dottie standard Ex B got a 3rd and 4th.
Pebbles Q'd in Ex B standard and Ex B jumpers. nd in open jumpers with weaves.

Bam Bam
Bam Bam got his title in Novice B standard with a 1st and a 2

Blue Star From Diana Walker:

CPE Trial Aug 20 AND 21
Bam Bam was great this weekend.  He got first in colors/wildcard/snookers/fullhouse/jumpers and a 3rd in round 2 colors level 1.  He now has a title in level 1.
Pebbles colors in both runs got 1st, wildcard 1st, snooker 1st, jumpers 4th in level 3.
Dottie colors 3rd and 5th, wildcard 3rd, jackpot 1st, fullhouse 4th, jumpers 3rd.

Red Star From Bruce & Sandy:

On Saturday, August 13, 2005, AKC Scat Trial, TeWinkle Park, Costa Mesa, Tommy with Bruce Qualified 1st Place and titled ((NAJ) in 12" Novice B Jumpers/Weaves and her sister, Hattie, with Sandy Qualified 1st Place and titled (OAJ) in 12" Open Jumpers/Weaves.  Hattie was the second-fastest qualifier in all jump heights.  Judge Christin Dewey, Florida, complimented their performances.

Blue Star From Diana Walker:

Simi Valley trial Aug 5 and 6th
  Dottie Q'd on Sat in standard.  I messed her up on all her other runs.  Pebbles Q'd in standard on Sat and Sunday.  She now gets to move up to Exe. B.  Bam Bam Q'd in all 4 runs Novice B jumpers and standard.

Red Star Scooter From Pamela Gardner:

Scooter the Soft-Coated Wheaten Terrier.  He did great at Wags for Wishes 2005 earning two titles, Open Standard and Open JWW.  He's now on to Excellent!!  Click on the small image to see a larger picture.

Blue Star From Jessica Fredricks:

Elmo got a 3rd place ribbon and a Q in Jumpers w/Weaves at Wags for Wishes to earn his OAJ title.  His new friend and house mate Lulu enjoyed the shows although she's not old enough yet to train for agility.  She missed getting her CGC title only because she didn't want to Wait/Stay that day with so much going on around her.

Red Star From Diana Walker:

Wags for Wishes was great fun.
Dottie got a Q in Ex B jumpers on Friday.  Saturday and Sunday I kept messing her up.  Pebbles on Friday double Q, she got a 2nd in Open Standard and Ex B jumpers she got a Q on Saturday she got a first in Ex A standard.  She forgot how to weave after that.  Bam Bam was very proud of himself in Novice B jumpers on Friday he got a Q and Saturday he got a Q.  He now has his NAJ title.  Standard we're still having a little trouble with the weave poles but he ran really good.

Blue Star From Sandy Crook:

Saturday, July 9, 2005 at the Wags for Wishes AKC Trial, Hattie won the 12" Open Jumpers w/Weaves in a Division of 21 dogs with a First- Place Qualifier and Geronimo Titled with a Third-Place Qualifier!  Afterwards, the judge complimented their performances to me at the scoring table.

Red Star From Diana Walker:

Dottie 3rd in gamblers Saturday &Q in starters snooker Sunday.  Pebbles starters, 2nd in pairs with Turbo on Saturday, 4th in gamblers, 1st in jumpers, 1st in standard.  Bam Bam starters, Sunday 2nd in jumpers.

Blue Star From Melissa Almond:

In April 2005, Sam had his best competition at his first CPE trial.  He was able to get 4 out of 5 Q's, three being first place and one third.  One of the first place ribbons was his first Q in a standard course.  Way to go Sam!!!  For NADAC, he also has two Q's in Jumpers and 1 Q in Gamblers.

Red Star From Diana Walker:

Pebbles Dottie
Dottie Sat/Sunday - level 3 (round 1 a 1st and 2nd, round 2 4th and a 1st, Jackpot 1st, Colors 1st, Wildcard 1st, Fullhouse 1st, Jumpers 1st).
Pebbles - level 3 (round 1 1st, round 2 1st and 2nd, Jackpot 1st, Snooker 1st, Colors 1st, Fullhouse 1st, Wildcard 1st, Jumpers 1st).  The greatest part was the judge telling us what good runs they were.
Then I ran Bam Bam for the first time - Jackpot 1st round 1!  He got 2nd Sat and Sunday, Jumpers a first. 

Bam Bam

Blue Star From Staci Preckel & Turbo:

At the Agility Club of San Diego trial April 2005, Turbo got a perfect 100 score, 1st place and Q in Novice JWW and a perfect 100 score, 1st place and Q in Novice Standard on Sunday.  Saturday Turbo's handler had some difficulty and we ended up with a 4th in Standard.  Not bad for our 1st AKC trial.

Red Star From Jessica Fredricks:

At the Agility Club of San Diego trial April 2005, Elmo the miniature bull terrier got a perfect 100 score, a first place and his second Q in Open JWW.  Then in May, he earned a first place and a Q in standard to qualify for his OA title!

Blue Star From Diana Walker:

Dottie Pebbles
At the Agility Club of San Diego trial April 2005, Dottie qualified in Std Exc B on Saturday with a score of 100 and on Sunday got a 2nd in Exc A Jumpers with a score of 100 and a new title!  Pebbles also has a new title Exc A Jumpers WW as she got 1st Sat and Sun.
Also, at the Silver Bay Trial Feb 26 and 27th, Dottie double Q'd on Sunday: Q in Standard Exc B with a score of 100, and first in Jumpers Exc A with a score of 100 and a time of 34.18!  Pebbles double Q'd on Sunday.  Saturday she got a 2nd place in Open Standard with a score of 95 and a Q.  Sunday she got a 4th in Open Standard with a score of 95 and a Q, also a first in Exc A Jumpers with a score of 88 and Q.

Red Star From Bruce and Sandy:

At the Silver Bay Kennel Club Agility Trial (February 26 and 27, 2005, Bruce Q'd with all his girls (Janie , Katie and Tommy).  Tommy placed 3rd in Novice B Standard and 2nd in Novice B Jumpers/Weaves--her first Qualifiers!
Sandy Q'd with all her kids (Lil, Hattie and Geronimo) on Sunday, February 27, 2005, at the Silver Bay Kennel Club Trial.  Hattie won the 12" Open Jumpers/Weaves and Geronimo (dad) took Second Place!
Janie held together for Bruce over the grueling 4-day Scottsdale Fiesta Cluster Trial (March 4 thru 7, 2005), bringing home six Q's with two Double Q's toward her MACH!  Lil celebrated her first Double Q at the Fiesta Cluster March 5, 2005!